Acrylic and Mixed Media

About My Work

Artist, Instructor, Author

I've spent my adult life as a teacher of some sort or another, mostly with or about young kids.  I learned the value of play in those years and what we truly learn about mastery of subject when we play diligently.  When I first began to paint seriously in 2000 I fully understood that play is work and that work can be fun!  Grown ups can call this kind of play anything they wish, but experimentation and doodling, and layering, and playing has been my work for these last 17 years.  

I live in two cities throughout the year.  In the late spring I leave warm and sunny Palm Desert, CA and head East to Lake Erie in Ohio where I enjoy the lush greenery and cool breezes and my grand kids.  It doesn't matter where you live, art is all around us.  Over the years I've given into the whimsy of life and my work has gotten more detailed, but it's always about color, line and pattern.

My books Altered Surfaces, Transfers & Altered Images, Mixed Media & Color (Fox Publishers), Acrylic Solutions: Exploring Mixed Media Layer by Layer, and â€‹Acrylic Color Explorations are available (FW/Penquin-Random House) here

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