About Me

I am an acrylic & mixed-media artist who loves color, pattern, and line.  I consider painting to be an avenue of exploration through which I can explore what I see and experience.

As a self-taught artist, who had the opportunity to explore without constraints, I have been fortunate to have been trained well in the use and understanding of acrylic products through years of affiliation with Golden Artists Colors, Inc. when I worked as a Certified Working Artist and Artist Educator.  This training has given my work breadth, depth and a tremendous freedom to express myself.  I am deeply appreciative.

My favorite subject matter comes from nature in some way albeit not on a direct path.  I use my camera to capture what interests me and then manipulate, expand, explore, and create out of that inspiration and interest.

‚ÄčChris Cozen - Acrylic & Mixed-Media Artist